NeurotechX Presentation for Inria@Silicon Valley

NeurotechX Presentation for Inria@Silicon Valley Presentation Information PDF Link: NeurotechX Presentation Slides Presenters: Marion LeBorgne, John Naulty Info: Presentation of the NeuroTechX Community to the Inria organization. Background Information Inria@SiliconValley invited us to a workshop they hosted on: Computational methods for the better understanding of human cognition and health. This workshop had a number of people from the research and industry space giving presentations and discussions around advanced topics centered around health in neuroscience and human behavior.

TechCrunch Hackathon 2016

I am a big fan of hackathons. I think they help promote the aspects of software development I most enjoy–creativity and problem solving in a collaborative atmosphere. My first hackathon taught me the basics of git, Flask, and applying concepts I learned in some of my psychology classes to create something someone could interact with. The TechCrunch hackathon in 2016 was something I had been looking forward to because I had two ideas I have been thinking about for a while, but had not really investigated or spent time developing on.

NeuroTechX BCI Workshop

NeuroTechX BCI Workshop In this workshop, organized by NeuroTechX and Hotel Zetta, we start with the neuroscience fundamentals and move up. By the end, participants were not only able to play with their very own brain-computer interface application, but also were able to understand the components and science involved. Through this process participants were able to get a sense of the technology used, its potential, and its limits. Pierre Karashchuk and I broke the workshop was broken into the following segments:

Cogtech OpenBCI Presentation

OpenBCI Presentation by the CognTech Group at Berkeley Presentation Information PDF Link: OpenBCI Dev Team Presentation Deck Presenters: Pierre Karashchuk, John Naulty, Derek Razo Info: Explanation and exploration of brain-computer interface systems and their applications using a prototype OpenBCI Device. Background Information In the Fall of 2014, the CogTech group hosted an event showcasing projects some of the members had been working on since the groups formation. The Cognitive Technology group was an informal group of students, artists, and local members of the community interested in commercial grade biosensor devices.