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RSA 2020 Kubernetes Talks

An overview of the talks given at the RSA 2020 conference regarding kubernetes security threats and mitigations. Ian Coldwater and Brad Geesaman go over advanced threats facing the ecosystem today. Jay Beale provides a walkthrough demonstration of escalating privileges in a game of “Bust-a-Kube”, and Eviatar Gerzi discusses issues and safeguards of RBAC in Kubernetes.

NPM Maintainers Security Review

After brief investigation of the top 1,000 downloaded NPM Packages, we found that a number of the package maintainers accounts have insufficient protection against basic account takeover methods. This could affect a number of downstream projects, some of which help host basic and foundational infrastructure in modern, digital society. In the tech world, we stand upon the shoulders of giants. If those giants have weak security authenticating their identities, they may crumble.

TechCrunch Hackathon 2016

A post on my experiences of the 2016 TechCrunch Hackathon where I built an addon to the RaspberryPi Minecraft game that integrated heart-rate using Cloudbrain, as well as a device that used OpenCV, Google’s Tensorflow, and Twilio to notify me of parking maids ‘tagging’ my car.

NeuroTechX BCI Workshop

An OpenBCI EEG workshop hosted and organized by me and fellow NeuroTechX members. We teach developers and scientists how to use opensource hardware and software for creating their very own Brai-Computer Interface Applicaiton.