NeuroTechX BCI Workshop

An OpenBCI EEG workshop hosted and organized by me and fellow NeuroTechX members. We teach developers and scientists how to use opensource hardware and software for creating their very own Brai-Computer Interface Applicaiton.

NeuroTechX BCI Workshop

In this workshop, organized by NeuroTechX and Hotel Zetta, we start with the neuroscience fundamentals and move up. By the end, participants were not only able to play with their very own brain-computer interface application, but also were able to understand the components and science involved. Through this process participants were able to get a sense of the technology used, its potential, and its limits.

Pierre Karashchuk and I broke the workshop was broken into the following segments:

Thanks to the OpenBCI team for sending us four OpenBCI headsets for this demo! We were able to provide a walkthrough for 30+ people, demonstrating the latest and greatest in BCI technology :)

This was a great experience for Pierre and I, who had experience troubleshooting people’s setups in hackathons and our weekly garage hacknights. Holding a more official gathering helped us formalize and condense our knowledge into a few slides we presented.

We really appreciate the organizers Marion LeBorgne and William Wnekowicz as well as Hotel Zetta, and the awesome team at OpenBCI!!!