Cogtech OpenBCI Presentation

OpenBCI Presentation by the CognTech Group at Berkeley

Presentation Information

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OpenBCI Dev Team Presentation Deck


Pierre Karashchuk, John Naulty, Derek Razo


Explanation and exploration of brain-computer interface systems and their applications using a prototype OpenBCI Device.

Background Information

In the Fall of 2014, the CogTech group hosted an event showcasing projects some of the members had been working on since the groups formation.

The Cognitive Technology group was an informal group of students, artists, and local members of the community interested in commercial grade biosensor devices. A lot of the group focused specifically with commercial grade EEG devices.

Eventually, this group would help organize and develop the Cognitive Technology Exhibit at the SF Exploratorium.

This presentation explores various Brain-Computer Interface paradigms, and how they are accessible with an opensource EEG device from OpenBCI.

OpenBCI was gracious enough to donate a development board before the general release of their kickstarter.