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Cogtech OpenBCI Presentation

OpenBCI Presentation by the CognTech Group at Berkeley Presentation Information PDF Link: OpenBCI Dev Team Presentation Deck Presenters: Pierre Karashchuk, John Naulty, Derek Razo Info: Explanation and exploration of brain-computer interface systems and their applications using a prototype OpenBCI Device. Background Information In the Fall of 2014, the CogTech group hosted an event showcasing projects some of the members had been working on since the groups formation. The Cognitive Technology group was an informal group of students, artists, and local members of the community interested in commercial grade biosensor devices.

Generation Effect

Generation Effect tl;dr UC Berkeley Hackjam 2014 project that take advantage of a cognitive phenomonenom called the “Generation Effect,” which is a mental ‘trick’ that helps increase memory retention. Background It was the Spring of 2014 I attended my first hackathon. Four years later and I have a lot to reflect on! This was my first real collaborative experience. It was my first exposure to git/github as well as the first Flask app I worked on.