Predicting Memory Encoding Using Openbci

During one of our garage hacknights, my friends Pierre, Zhannar, and I decided to attempt to replicate this study This study was introduced to me and Pierre at the BCI Meeting conference. The BCI Society hosts this conference every three years in Asilomar, California. It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon in San Francisco. Pierre was quick to make a write up, so I will simply copy the link to that right up Here.

Fort Bragg Free Public Wifi Project

Fort Bragg Wifi Project Background Fort Bragg is the city in which I was born and raised. Fort Bragg is a small town. It has a single high school, and a small business district consisting of a few square blocks. I was living in Fort Bragg after graduating from university and was trying to retool myself for a career as a software engineer. I had a home lab with a few hypervisors (read: old desktops) and a few free monitors.

Generation Effect

Generation Effect tl;dr UC Berkeley Hackjam 2014 project that take advantage of a cognitive phenomonenom called the “Generation Effect,” which is a mental ‘trick’ that helps increase memory retention. Background It was the Spring of 2014 I attended my first hackathon. Four years later and I have a lot to reflect on! This was my first real collaborative experience. It was my first exposure to git/github as well as the first Flask app I worked on.