NPM Maintainers Security Review

After brief investigation of the top 1,000 downloaded NPM Packages, we found that a number of the package maintainers accounts have insufficient protection against basic account takeover methods. This could affect a number of downstream projects, some of which help host basic and foundational infrastructure in modern, digital society. In the tech world, we stand upon the shoulders of giants. If those giants have weak security authenticating their identities, they may crumble.

36c3 Talks and Toys - Part 2

36c3 Talks and Toys This is a continuation of 36c3 and Me Hardware ChameleonMini Black Crystal Crypto Wallet Built on Lightning M5Stacking Sats Lightning Beer Tap Raspiblitz Fomu TIF-IT Crypto Card Talks Plundervolt Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware Science for Future? Intel Management Deep Dive Hacking with a TPM Linux on Open Source Hardware with Open Source chip design Infrastructure Review HAL - The Open-Source Hardware Analyzer Hacking an NFC toy with the ChameleonMini Fundamentals of EEG based Brain-Computer Interfaces Hardware Congress is not really about the talks, it's about the creatures and their toys–talks can always be watched later, in between Congresses.