36c3 Talks and Toys - Part 2

36c3 Talks and Toys This is a continuation of 36c3 and Me Hardware ChameleonMini Black Crystal Crypto Wallet Built on Lightning M5Stacking Sats Lightning Beer Tap Raspiblitz Fomu TIF-IT Crypto Card Talks Plundervolt Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware Science for Future? Intel Management Deep Dive Hacking with a TPM Linux on Open Source Hardware with Open Source chip design Infrastructure Review HAL - The Open-Source Hardware Analyzer Hacking an NFC toy with the ChameleonMini Fundamentals of EEG based Brain-Computer Interfaces Hardware Congress is not really about the talks, it's about the creatures and their toys–talks can always be watched later, in between Congresses.

36c3 and Me - Part 1

36c3 The 36th Chaos Commnunication Congress (36c3) was held once again in Leipzig this year. I have never documented my experiences at Congress, but I feel like this year is different. I did less ‘Angeling’ than I used to, and I feel like I should find ways to contribute back to this beautiful event. Congress is a hacker gathering and then some. It's a place where the motto is “All Creatures Welcome”.